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waffleism is more than just a belief, its a lifestyle- a dedication of your life to syrupy goodness. some may ask how this came along and the truth is that it's always been. since the beginning of time there were waffles, there were strawberries, there was syrup and there were blueberries. it took mankind nearly four thousand to come to this realization. but now we can unite: one nation, under waffles.
solomon: some people just dont understand the deep connection between a man (or a woman) and waffles.
brittany: what a pity.
solomon: if only people would convert to waffleism, then theyd be truely happy.
by brittmes11 June 29, 2011
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(1)The Religion Propagated by His venerable God-Emperor Kapope, and his inner circle of devoted followers, the upper echelon of The Waffleist Church.
Followers of the Man-God are encouraged to think freely, hone defensive combat skills,
increase their general creative and intellectual output and input, participate in daily meditative sΓ©ances and spread the Word of the Shell that is Truth.
(2) Is often misused to express a distinct love of waffles.
'Hail Kapope! Hail Waffleism! Death to the shell of Truth!'

" And bane, called forth from miasma, ye are the curved edge of the Waffleism; you will be known as Nigger Knight, and thou shalt cleanse and purge all who seek to perceive. " - Kapope
by RunningRedheaded August 20, 2007
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