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A wackronym is the term coined to define all the simply stupid acronyms we are bombarded with via AIM, MSNchat, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, BBim, Ichat, and all other forms of modern communication.
LMFAO, OMG, dude, this chick was DTF, but I didnt have a condom. WTF, SMH, FML. . .

Bro, easy on the wackronyms.
by Iambetterthanyouu June 10, 2009
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wackronym is a play on acronym, meaning an abbreviation using the first letters of words. NOW is the acronym for the National Organization of Women, just as TOAST is the acronym for Tits on a Stick. Less of a mouthful -- no pun intended. a wackronym is a retarded acronym that is actually no shorter than the phrase it 'abbreviates'. "htf did you do that" is actually no easier to say than "how the fuck did you do that". therefore it's not an acronym, but a wackronym.
paramedic: "victim has multiple gsw's to the sternum!"
nurse alice: "if I've explained this once, I've explained it a thousand times: gsw is a stupid wackronym. It wastes time. Instead, why not just say 'gunshot wound' -- it's actually two syllables shorter, fuckmeat."
victim: "help... me..."
by evil alice June 18, 2008
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