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It means the Atheist twist on the common WWJD (What would Jesus Do?) The abbreviation of "What Would Nietzsche Do?" This refers to Friedrich Nietzsche (Pronounces " Knee - Che") an atheist German Philospher who wrote many things on politics & Religion but with other topics. One of his famous quotes is, " Faith means not wanting to know what is true."
Christian: "Oh my God, Is He Dead!?! What should we do!? WWJD?"
Atheist: " Oh my peaches! I have no idea! WWND?"
Christian: "WTF?"
by TheFriendlyAtheist May 25, 2011
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What Would Nissa Do?
Mrs. Nissa Micknney, english teacher, enjoys the letter F, Shakespear, and sexual inuendos that make Nadav uncomfortable.
Person 1: I'm going to fail this paper, it sucks.
Person 2: wwnd?!
by 56.9 May 10, 2009
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What Would Napoleon Do?

A derivation of W.W.J.D. or What Would Jesus Do, but for those who prefer to follow a more belligerent moral code.
Do I need to wait until Wacky Mustache Month to grow a mustache?" "Dude, W.W.N.D. Grow a mustache, then DECLARE Wacky Mustache Month!
by Pwoinky May 05, 2011
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What Would Nixon Do? It's a good question that not many people ask and that not many people really want to know the answer to.
Brad: I wonder what my girlfriend's up to. I kind of want to check her texts and voicemails, but I think that would be wrong.

Stan: Dude, just think: W.W.N.D.?

Brad: You're right! I'll go get her cell out of her purse right now! Thanks!
by George G. Liddy May 30, 2009
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What Would Nirvana Do?

The number one rule rock band Puddle of Mudd follows.
Before putting together an album, rock band Puddle of Mudd have to decide what songs to put on it, stricly following the number one rule, W.W.N.D.
If a song doesn't sound like something Nirvana has not made, it must be scraped.
by IamKaitlyn August 10, 2008
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