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Wransm” is the term used for the technique utilised in the capture of a male member of the Royal Australian Navy’s submarine squadron into a relationship, usually ending in marriage, divorce and alimony.
Pronounced “Ransom”, this term is made up of 2 separate parts. “WRAN” which is the acronym used for Women of the Royal Australian Navy and “SM” as in Submariner.
Used to describe the technique used by 99% of female submariners in the Royal Australian Navy. The WRAN uses her “Fluttering” eye lashes and “Massive” WRAN arse to persuade male engineering submariners to sign off their tasks without having any actual knowledge of the task in the first place. Then the WRAN uses this to not only qualify as a submariner, but also get married to the engineering sailor in question. This not only ruins the male sailor’s life, which is deserved as they show no professionalism in participating in this practice in the first place, but also shows the entire RAN Submarine squadron up as a joke.
That WRAN has her hooks into that Stoker... What a Wransm... Well atleast she got her dolphins from it. I actually had to work for mine...
by RS027 March 29, 2009
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