Acronym for: (Wet Paper Bag) A term for having the explosive shits really bad. Just imagine if your carrying a paper bag full of stuff and the bottom gets wet and tears open and everything falls out. That's what happens to your ass. Synonym for explosive diarrhea.
Oh man I have WPB really bad, if you don't get me to the bathroom pronto, your car is going to get it.
by Sima July 05, 2005
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Acronym for workplace boner. When you get an inappropriate erection at work.
"Are you excited about this presentation or are you just happy to see me?"
"Sorry, your power point has given me a wpb".
by neur0xin July 19, 2010
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WPB, is an acronym for White Privilege Boys. WPB are white males who by virtue of their white privilege make entitled claims to positions or take actions they do not deserve. For instance, WPBs will often make misogynist statements about women simply because they believe it is their right to do so because they are white males. WPBs also figure prominently in mass shootings because they feel their white privilege is in some way threatened.
by MVCatdaddy June 07, 2018
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