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2. WOSOP...a way to leave a note to let friends and family know to not look for you..
3. During WOSOP a person just needs a quiet break from others murmuring in their head.
4. During WOSOP do not disturb this person...they need quiet to make a desicion or have deep feelings that need to be confronted.
5. Being in WOSOP is for adults only
6. To be in WOSOP you can not bring harm to yourself or others.
7. Adults can be in WOSOP if all other affairs are handled..
8. The message WOSOP means that a responsible adult has taking a break from phones families friends... alone to get clarity..and WOSOP is the message left behind to let friends and family know all is well give me 40 hours...I will be right back...
by PRETTY IN COPPER January 13, 2017
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