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Stands for 'Work Obsessed Creepy Little Bastard'.
A work obsessed creepy little bastard with a napolean complex, who makes use of self help books, focusing on on self assertiveness over colleagues. Examples include, often crossing legs and holding their knee in a business man like fashion. Behaves and talks like a 55 year old chairman or board executive, yet is actually in their early 20's. WOCLB's are known to shave their hair at the temples and at the back up to ear level for no apparent reason other than to have a bizarrely oblong head... very green beret. Obsessivley makes time tables and keeps maticulous records of all aspects of acedemic life. Can never let a conversation not including him occur, feels the need to interupt with talk about themselves, and their work, when no one gives a toss. Has no extra curricular activites besides being a stalker to lecturers and occasionally students. WOCLB's are legends in the Greater Manchester area of Northern England. Has tendencies when nervous for whole body to turn bright red, including the back of the aforementioned partially shaved head.
by John Thorpe February 17, 2005
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