The construct for the bizarro life that you can live while you're asleep. And, even if you die in your WEIRD DREAM you can usually still wake up normal, but always curious about what really happened.
OLD BLIND GUY: "You have skillfully snatched the pebble, Grasshoppa. Enter, that you may know the way."
YOU: "But, Master ... the journey is long and the day late ... and, yet the mountain is only as high as the valley is low. Shall I follow my shadow as my conscience?"
OBG: "You have answered well, Young Dragon. And I say follow your dream to overcome your nightmare. Now, <fingers snap> SLEEP!"
YOU: "This WEIRD DREAM is quite strange. I uhhh, I thought I was already asleep."
by Chingo Bolemongo October 5, 2006
It starts that a clown kills a mime, then a mime kills a clown
and soon enough a war starts. mimes throwing invisible grenades to kill clowns and clowns drowning mimes with their little water flower trick things. Soon enough i'm in an army squad sent to settle the matter, and i start cuttin them down with guns,grenades and weirdly... chunks of pure black icecream.

enjoy :D
by Green February 15, 2005
okay, in your dream, you're in a field. then outta nowhere, a guy named tyler screams " it's my dream bitch!" at you. then you wake up totally confused and in a crack like daze. then to make yourself feel better, you listen to 20 straight hours of Ramones and the Cure.
person 1:"omg, i had the dream again."
person 2:"the really weird dream?"
person 1:"yeah, the on with the screaming guy!"
person 2:"what was he screaming?"
person 1:"it's my dream bitch!"
by Creepy Carrie April 25, 2009