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Wanna Be Pimp, one who acts dresses and talks like a pimp, but never really pimps women.
WBP: Ayo I just pimped some hot ass hoes over there yo.

Real Pimp: Man you a fake ass muffucka, you's a WBP.\

WBP: No I'm not, I really did pimp some chicks over there,

*Real Pimp beats up the WBP*
by Hustla 10987654321 June 9, 2009
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White Basque Protestant - a new term to describe the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English who are all descendants of anceint Basque migrants.
"That guy is no WASP, he's from britain, so he is a WBP"
by Phil2007 April 8, 2007
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wbp stands for white boy power and it’s the power any attractive white boy possesses that allows him to control girls and to get away with things. quite often boys don’t even know they have this power but once they know they use it to their advantage
girl 1: “oh my god he’s sOOOooO hOT. i’d do ANYTHING for him”

girl 2: “it’s that damn wbp. he’s got you wrapped around his finger”
by wmh1997 March 28, 2019
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