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Often considered a replacement of lol, WASM or wasm is an abbreviation of "Wetting And Shitting Myself".

WASM is used when one requires a quick and effective way to show amusement in a given situation.
Did you see that blonde just fall on her face?
I know dude, major WASM!

Woah i just wasm'd!

Blood stop, yo'll make me wasm!
by JamesHarper May 19, 2008
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a White Anglo Saxon Muslim; a British or Australian man living in Indonesia or Malasia converting to Islam for marriage and a little something something
J Smith is a WASM
by G-money13 April 17, 2010
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a banana (yellow bendy fruit, leave the skin on for anything other than eating)
pass me that wasm or i will have to staple you
by DeathDrop November 15, 2006
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