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basically a piece of firm material which you wedge between your arse cheeks and it covers up your bits.

supposedly practical for the reduction of tan lines and VPL. falls out when you do any real activity.
a: what underwear do you have on?
b: this new C string, I've got no VPL!
a: yeah, but it makes you walk like a twat.
by deathdrop April 27, 2008
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to think of an excuse and the answer to any question which may arise from that excuse.
basically, making sure you're excuse is a full and matching outfit. not an evening dress with a backpack you grabbed at the last minute.
'so you ready for college today?'
'yeah...i've just got to excuserise before Psych hand in'
by deathdrop April 13, 2007
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a banana (yellow bendy fruit, leave the skin on for anything other than eating)
pass me that wasm or i will have to staple you
by DeathDrop November 15, 2006
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