a Friend who is a "Win" - an absolutely winner for u to know him.
He got my back. He is W friend
by The truth and facts March 27, 2022
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a friend that you are not seeing but can still be sexually active or have fun with physically and emotionally.
Me and Chris are not boy friend and girlfriend, we are just good friends or friends w/ benifits
by Erinnnnnnnn July 3, 2006
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friends with benefits

A healthy, fun sexual relationship between two people who are friends or are becoming friends.

Can also involve hugging, kissing, snuggling or any other physical activity that meets the needs of both parties, without romantic feelings involved. Able to look or act romantically but without worry of feelings beyond friendship. A relationship that fulfills needs for both involved.
Chuck and I are friends w/ benefits. We’re able to snuggle, make out, have sex, kiss or cuddle without worrying about needless drama of an actual relationship.
by Hyperion1001 March 3, 2022
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the level before friends and benefits
“yo y’all a couple now?”
“nahhhh we just friends w/ a twist
by chanisa August 3, 2018
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