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A hybrid animal discovered in 1978, the vurtle is most commonly found in North America. It lives on a diet of dead plants.
In 1982 the species became critically endangered for lack of food. You see, the vurtle would only eat after another animal has killed the plant and eaten their fill. Unfortunately, on land they are rather slow and although they do have wings, most vurtles are rendered useless in flight.
Vurtles are from both the turtle and vulture family. They can however be created with the right amount of crossbreeding, and although rarely found naturally (they tend to keep to themselves) they do exist.
by viederstrumph August 19, 2011
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Someone who Ryan May and Lucas Shamp make fun of every day because of his incretible slow skills.
A half turtle, half vulture that is slow as shit. "Sideburns Fucking Rock"
by Lucas S. September 05, 2003
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