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As we all know, there are no really appealing words that exist for a vagina... Pussy, cunt, poontang, etc... Guys get the advantage of having super cool names for their penis... dick, cock, tool, boner, etc... This is a meek attempt for females to have a new beginning in life... To have a term for your vagina that is intense, yet cute, seems very satisfactory. As I depart in this definition... Allow us to begin our movement...
I just got my vunk waxed today... it looks spectacular, and privileges your fingers with the most silky sensation.

I enjoy fucking your vunk.

You have the sexiest vunk I have ever seen.

I can't wait to eat out your vunk.

My vunk has never... I mean... NEVER, felt so satisfied.
by Claudia Boughreghard August 10, 2012
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