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like nothing you have ever seen or felt before
entirely new experience
by M November 25, 2003
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The strange feeling that somehow, this has never happened before..
George Carlin: Just had that... I don't know it's weird. Just had that little feeling, you ever get that funny little feeling Vuja De? No, not Deja Vu. This is Vuja De. This is the strange feeling that somehow, this has never happened before. And then it's gone..
by ElmertheAwesome November 17, 2008
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Vu Jàdé can be simply defined as that funny feeling that this has never happened to you before. The term “Vu Jàdé” (also called preamnesia) describes the experience of feeling that one has not witnessed or experienced a situation previously. The term was coined by Kurt Kemp in 2007 in his book (The Weird Ideas I Get), which expanded upon an idea for an essay he was working on for his Myspace Blog. Unfortunately he got distracted and never completed the essay.
The experience of Vu Jàdé is usually accompanied by a compelling sense of unfamiliarity, and also a sense of shock, awe, or suddenly feeling lost. The experience is most frequently attributed to a lack of imagination, although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience genuinely never happened. Vu Jàdé has been described as “Instant Alzheimer’s.”
by thefarmersfriend October 19, 2010
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The distinct feeling that you have never been in a particular place or circumstance in the past.

The antonym of Deja Vu, pronounced as "voo zha-day".
Neil Armstrong: "When I took that first step ,nto the Moon, you know, right before you did, I had this intense feeling of Vu Jade."

Buzz Aldrin: "Wow. No shit?"
by Qihumanxia February 01, 2007
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Noticing something for the first time that has been there all along; the realization that you've been unaware of something you should have noticed a long time ago
1: "Hey, who installed the sattelite dish?"
2: "Bro, that thing was on the house when we moved in..."
1: "Really? Talk about vu jàdé!"
by Chad Sentman February 07, 2007
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A propensity for discovering something new in something you've already seen a million times before.
I had the strangest vujá dé last night while brushing my teeth. A toothbrush would make a perfect {something clever}!
by vujade August 20, 2010
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Opposite of dejavu. (1)It's when you know you have never been there before. (2)An experience like nothing you have ever seen or felt before. (3)Never have imagined living the moment.
Why we are so deep in the woods I have no idea. As we walked up to the after, after hour party, I had such a sense of vu-ja-de. Crossing our path at about 10mph is a hippie on a queen size bed converted into a motorized golf cart (5 strippers included). As we get to the clearing, 200 party goers alongside a log cabin by a lake are still going strong. If my friends were not there to confirm the story, no one would have ever believed me if I told them what we experienced that day.
by mty November 17, 2007
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