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The element of literature that states every story follows the same basic eight stage pattern.

Stage 1 - Birth
Stage 2 - Childhood Adventures
Stage 3 - Preperation, Meditation, Withdrawel, Refusal
Stage 4 - Quest
Stage 5 - Death
Stage 6 - Underworld
Stage 7 - Resurrection
Stage 8 - Apotheosis

Part of the freshmen/sophmore English curriculum at ACMA. Takes up the majority of the school year to teach. Is the reason no currect or former students of ACMA can ever read a book, watch a movie, see a play, listen to music, go to a gallery, examine a photograph or even play a video game without seeing AT LEAST one of the eight stages.

Thanks a lot, Mr. S.
Megan: I saw a really good movie this weekend.
Kayla: Did you notice Voyage of the Hero in it?
Megan: Ugh! All over the place. God, I can't get Voyage of the f*cking Hero out of my head!
by Megan and Pals May 03, 2007
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