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Quite possibly the most obnoxious batch of so called 'activists' that currently exist. A voterchist is an individual who fundamentally disregards that voluntaryism and anarchism are both opposed to the electoral process, to everyone's dismay. Although appearing to be an otherwise rational voluntaryist on the outside, the line between voterchist and minarchist with delusions of grandeur is practically non-existent. (See the tragic case of Walter Block)

They will normally support this absurd notion of becoming the state to end the state with mindless appeals to Murray Rothbard and Lysander Spooner, two individuals who didn't think that part of their philosophies all the way through. When cornered by logic, voterchists will often react by calling the other person in the debate a 'quitter', 'nihilist' or anything that makes them feel better about wasting millions of dollars and countless hours of precious time on a doomed bid for overlord.

The vast majority of voterchists are also Paulistas, rabid Ron Paul fellaters in laymen's terms. Most of them wouldn't be bothered by continuing to waste time and energy voting for Gary Johnson however, demonstrating their utter uselessness for any significant moves towards liberty.
Voterchist: Ron Paul is so close to winning, but all we need from everyone is their little bit of six million more dollars! DO YOUR PART FOR LIBERTY.

Agorist: Ehhh, you do realize that statist elections are rigged by their very nature right? Also, don't you think that six million dollars would do wonders for agorist entrepreneurial efforts?


Agorist: What?! Where did THAT come from?

Voterchist: Murray Rothbard! Lysander Spooner! Moneybomb! Straw Poll! VOTE OR DIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Agorist: This conversation's a bit fucked.

Voterchist: Stop strawmanning me you filthy hippy! Why are you so insulting you cowardly little wretch!

Agorist: All right, fuck this, I've got *actual* work to do...

Voterchist: Ron Paul work?

Agorist *facepalm*

Voterchist: Our Ron Paul, Who art in Texas, Hallowed it be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done. In the White House, As it is in Congress. Give us this day Our daily Constitution. Forgive us our gropes, As we forgive our gropers. And lead us not into big government, But deliver us to federalism. For thine is the limited kingdom, and the enumerated powers, and the glory of the Constitution forever. Amen...Savior Paul 2012
by CancrumOris33 January 10, 2012
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