2 definitions by Dan481

A place where no one ever goes; the middle of no-where. Derived from the Spanish verb tense not used in the New World.
"Man, we are in the middle of vosotros right now!"

"What kind of shirt is that? That's a brand from vosotros!"
by Dan481 May 18, 2006
(adj.) Used to describe someone or something that looks like it came from vosotros, ie. the middle of no where. It can also be used to describe something unused, gross, old or scary.
"Who's THAT dude? What a vosotrian!"

"You want to go see what's in that vosotrian old shed over there?"

"I just got back from visiting my family in North Dakota. It was pretty vosotrian..."
by Dan481 May 18, 2006