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A Vonterul is somewhat like a fairy, it hails mostly from Canada, it likes to create a lot of homosexual tensions between its male victims. Be sure to avoid this at all times, you may be caught in a maelstrom of fabulous faggotry.

*Note that to recognize a Vonterul simply read what he says, if the word fabulous appears more than twice then you know this may be the time to leave.

A Vonterul may like to write long walls of text specifically relating to homosexuality, this is not to be confused with a Colby who makes extremely manly comments and posts.

WARNING: Do not confuse a Vonterul with vontrol, which is a drug that gives you uncontrollable vomiting.

I've never been a shy guy, but this was just so... bizarre. Bizarre, yet amazing at the same time. All of a sudden, just a look in his eyes made me feel like the champion of the universe. A touch of his lips against mine and I felt excited like never before. Was this love? I felt like smiling until my jaw broke, yet my eyes were wet and my face blushed all red. I slowly slid off his coat and unbuttoned his uniform as I continued to kiss him softly. My tongue suddenly became alive and dared to lick away at his lips, desperately trying to find its counterpart. Seeing me all aggressive, Kaerrhun allowed me to handle the situation and simply let himself be consumed by his lustful desires, his clothes falling to the ground piece by piece as I made short work of them, letting only his white underwear on. My hands sensually guided his own to my clothes, gently instructing him to do the same to me. Almost naked and only in my favorite pink boxers, we embraced each other again and enjoyed the warmth of our skin rubbing together.

"What the ****?" some guy blurted out as he passed by and spotted us, almost ready to puke after seeing the sinful acts we were doing.

"This is heresy!" said another woman who shielded the eyes of her teenage daughter, who seemed quite interested by our affair.

A small crowd was now gathering in the garden, some lured by our timid moans and the pleas from passers-by. I didn't care, though. Kaerrhun didn't either. We just ignored them. As long as nobody touched us, as long as nobody tried to break this sacred bubble engulfing me and him into our own little world, everything was fine. Too late to back up now, anyway - we both wanted more. We wanted ultimate pleasure, nirvana, heaven, paradise. All of it.

While we still kissed passionately, having not broken the kiss for a good amount of time, my hands strolled down and caressed his body. His arms, his back, his delicious chest. Some belly rubs, before slowly sliding inside the serpent's den and giving a few surprise strokes to tame him. Surprised, Kaerrhun moaned amorously in my mouth as our tongue battled it out in a contest of supremacy. Counter attacking, his fingertips hovered across my back making me shiver all over, pressing my body and pelvis closer to him and taking the initiative to rub them together. He strongly grabbed a hold of my butt cheeks, squeezing and rubbing them tenderly. I fastened my pace and stroked his shaft with more enthusiasm, noticing how he was blushing silly while pleasure overwhelmed his senses. He stopped kissing me, so I took the opportunity and played with his neck, biting, licking and kissing it. His eyes closed and a powerful, sexy moan escaped his mouth as he came violently, shaking in my arms, a silver stream of liquid splashing on a nearby flower as people, shocked, protested.

Once his orgasm finished and much to my surprise, Kaerrhun stopped everything. He swiftly pushed me against the wall and took my position, sliding his hands in my boxers and making the great protuberance come out by the slit of the underwear. Savagely, he began to rub my shaft with extreme vigor. I could feel myself losing it and fast, I was at his mercy. I didn't even held onto him anymore, my hands were clawing at the wall trying to endure the pleasure longer. However, it didn't happen. His inexperienced technique and almost insane sexual smile threw me overboard. I came, splashing my load all over his chest and stomach, creaming his belly button. In the last heat of the moment, I licked one of his nipples clean of the white substance and shared it with him, passionately giving him one last kiss that soon ended this entire sexual adventure.
by Circtus April 25, 2009
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