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The result of chundering in snow, where the vom melts a small crater, creating a small volcano shaped hole. Made famous by the Unexpected Items Youtube video 'Gap Yah'.
"We were trekking in the Andes, and the sun was just rising and glinting off the snow, creating this sort of ethereal haze, and I really got a sense of the awesome power of nature and the insignificance of man... and then I just chundered everywhere, all over the snow, I was like, have that nature, 1-0, made a little Vomcano, all the little chunklets froze, amazing."
by el mas grande March 22, 2010
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when one vomits or 'chunders' on some snow. When the chunder hits the cold snow it melts a small basin in the snow and looks like a small volcano erupting.
oh my god i was on my gap yah and i made a little vomcano in the snow......... BANTER!
by twiggy93 September 20, 2010
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When somebody erupts with vomit in the manner of a scaled-down volcano, typically after excess alcohol consumption.
My day has also involved chunder everywhere... I was like a little Vomcano!
by Tommydthatsme March 20, 2010
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