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n. The Mart That Must Not Be Named!

Cities in Washington State have banned the use of the name "Wal-Mart," hence, in these cities it is "The Mart that Must Not Be Named," i.e. "Volde-mart" (Walde-mart is sometimes used as well).
We went shopping at---you-know-where...

No, I don't...

(whispering) Volde-mart!

(everyone flinches)
by Dan Weyandt July 01, 2011
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The feeling a trans person gets when he/she/they are able to start presenting as the gender they identify as and people start treating them accordingly
When they used my proper pronouns, my gender dysphoria became gender euphoria
by Black_berry September 13, 2018
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A chain of department stores started in the eighth Harry Potter book by the evil Lord Voldemort under a pseudonym. Specialises in cursed Muggle artefacts.
(SPOILER ALERT:) voldemort's ghost returns as a sheep and opens up a chain of stores- 'voldemart', attempting to take over the world via consumerism.

Dark witch A: i'm having some people i don't like over for tea next week. where did you get those biting tea cups?
Dark witch B: Voldemart. You want to go shopping later? I have to stock up on cursed opal necklaces.
by SeveraVanPoe April 30, 2009
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