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n. The Mart That Must Not Be Named!

Cities in Washington State have banned the use of the name "Wal-Mart," hence, in these cities it is "The Mart that Must Not Be Named," i.e. "Volde-mart" (Walde-mart is sometimes used as well).
We went shopping at---you-know-where...

No, I don't...

(whispering) Volde-mart!

(everyone flinches)
by Dan Weyandt July 01, 2011
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A chain of department stores started in the eighth Harry Potter book by the evil Lord Voldemort under a pseudonym. Specialises in cursed Muggle artefacts.
(SPOILER ALERT:) voldemort's ghost returns as a sheep and opens up a chain of stores- 'voldemart', attempting to take over the world via consumerism.

Dark witch A: i'm having some people i don't like over for tea next week. where did you get those biting tea cups?
Dark witch B: Voldemart. You want to go shopping later? I have to stock up on cursed opal necklaces.
by SeveraVanPoe April 30, 2009
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