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Void-like, an absence of physical reality, the state of reality before anything existed. a paradoxical state of being that is both something and nothing.
Is the title of the theory of "Voidal Symmetry"; a theory by musician Andrew Thursby-Pelham that describes how all of reality came into being.
Voidal symmetry is the apparent non-physical state of existence, which although unquantifiable physically, is the most dense complexity possible.
by staal021 July 30, 2013
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Something that is there, yet isn't there, while it is there, but isn't all there... so there! Thus, one can conclude that voidal is the space between space. O.K.A. (Otherwise known as) The Hallway.

Even though "Voidal" is not an actual word it still is widely used within the role playing realm; more specifically T1. Such usage is done more so among "n00bzorgs" than actual "1337" literate kiddies. The latter opting for more "Sophisticated" or "omgwtfIownedyoumoonwalkstylelikewuuutmatrixlazerbeamspewpewpew". These words include, but are not limited to: Incorporeal, insubstantial, immaterial, intangible, etc.
I swear, it's following me. My worst enemy where I started T1ing at used voids and "voidal energies." Then I moved into Yahoo Chat role play... what was big!? GUESS WHAT WAS BIG!? The Val'heru! THE VOIDAL $%## MY MOTHER VAL'HERU! *headdesk* And now it randomly pops up everywhere! Kill. Them. All.

It is not within the corporeal plane. The space between space? if that's his explanation, and he claims to never have left the corporeal plane, then at no point in time does he go invisible. He just kinda moves around in plain sight... that's like, there's your mom and the living room, and that's space. You slip into the space between space. so what.. the hallway?

It's an alright word (better than "voidal," it's not even a word and the idea is ridiculous because void is already a #$!%ing adjective), but "aural" needs context. If someone says aural, I'm personally reminded of surround sound speakers playing Bob Marley. Someone should compose a list of "Things that definitely do not make you sound cool. Voidal would be at the top of mine...

Dude1: Do you know what happens when a person tries to travel at the speed of light?
Dude2: Hm, no?
Dude1: The speed is so insane that when the person comes close to that speed, you start colliding with the particles and get ripped apart.
Dude2: Oh, figures.... So What if you remove all the colliding particles? Like make a tunnel of... -gasp- "voidalness"?
Dude1: ...........
Dude1: LOL
Dude2: xD

Hallway transmission: The red headed step child of instant transmission... A.K.A. The space between space, or hallway.
by Samurai_Mell_Gibson May 25, 2009
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