A form of acting where it only requires one's voice to express emotions or provide information to the audiences, ranging from presenting characters, to narrating an event that unfolds in the scene. The individual who performs this type of act is also refered to as voice actors/actresses, voice artists, dubbing artists, voice talent, voice-over artists, or voice-over talent.
Friend: Dude! The voice acting in that video was so so good! I genuinely cried along with the protagonist after seeing the things it had to go through.
You: Oh really!? Thanks man.
Friend: Hold up! Are you?
You: (Changes voice) Ah yes old chap, I am.
Friend: OH MY GOD! Can I hug you?
You: Oh how kind of you. Absolutely :)
by ClocTok October 28, 2022
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A legal statute in Canada that affords a defendants ability to a fair trial. With the invocation of it, defendants are allowed to express themselves at a court level to avoid a mistrial. Some of the most common rights granted by this act are the abilities to smoke and swear in court
Ricky: "Your majesty, I would like to make a request under the People's freedom of choices and voices act that I be able to smoke and swear in your court. If I can't smoke and swear in your court, I can't represent myself at a court level and that's a fuckin' mistrial!"

Judge: "Richard, you have permission to smoke and swear in my courtroom, but please be advised, this is not a carnival."
by Drunkcrazyfuckinglunatic June 23, 2018
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