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A suddent quiet or loud sound that can both be irritating to the listeners, or will eventually annoy them if the noise goes on for a while if not stopped.
Another word to describe a car honk, and is mostly seen in text if there's dialogue of a Robot that isn't capable of talking, and a silly way to censor vulgar and offensive words as a replacement.
A noise that a protagonist from a 2020 rhythm game known as Friday Night Funkin' would make, just to avoid any social interactions with anyone.
Friend: Bro! Your alarm system went off and is now saying Beep to me! Help!
You: (Jams out to the Beep beat.)
Friend: Are you stopping that fucking alarm or what!

Driver: Alright, let's see why you aren't working.
The Car: Beep!
Driver: Whoa! Baby, calm down. I'm just trying to turn you on.

Friend: Look at my robot bro!
Robot: Beep boop beep boop!
Friend: So?
You: I'm surprised that you still manage to have me as a friend.

You: (Tries to get a candy bar)
Vending Machine: Beep! Beep! Beep!
You: What the Beep! It's stuck!

Pico: Hey so wanna fuck with your GF tonight?
BF: Beep
Pico: What the hell. This is the 3rd time this week!
by ClocTok October 19, 2022
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A rarely mentioned term that refers to a character from the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin's protagonist, known as Boyfriend, which is obviously a boyfriend of a girl who's trying to win her Dad's affection to date with his daughter simply refered to as Girlfriend, or The Girlfriend.
Game Devs: He's The Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin'
Everyone: His name's Keith!
The Pico: Thank you all for choosing death
by ClocTok October 23, 2022
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A form of acting where it only requires one's voice to express emotions or provide information to the audiences, ranging from presenting characters, to narrating an event that unfolds in the scene. The individual who performs this type of act is also refered to as voice actors/actresses, voice artists, dubbing artists, voice talent, voice-over artists, or voice-over talent.
Friend: Dude! The voice acting in that video was so so good! I genuinely cried along with the protagonist after seeing the things it had to go through.
You: Oh really!? Thanks man.
Friend: Hold up! Are you?
You: (Changes voice) Ah yes old chap, I am.
Friend: OH MY GOD! Can I hug you?
You: Oh how kind of you. Absolutely :)
by ClocTok October 28, 2022
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