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Vleeb (plural: Vleeb) are the mysterious alien species of petrolhead pilots who turned up on earth just in time for the first race once all the hard work of clearing and refurbing the track was complete. They are famed for their ship design which is akin to a five year old's drawing of what a proper race car should look like: all engine and no brakes.

Vleeb have been seen quietly talking to each other, then loudly hissing and squawking. Some xenobiologists speculated this was a mating ritual, whereas the barman of Metal Tiger stated it was more likely an argument over who had the steak.
Jimi Khan: Well I for one won't go slamming anything in the fridge door this time. That Vleeb blew the rest away.
Jonny Zero: Yah, totally. That alien chappie really knows his stuff. Fancy another G&T?
by Albert Memorial May 17, 2010
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