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An Internet-Girlfriend; the couple have never met each other in real life, and the entire relationship is based on email and/or instant messanger conversations.
No need to worry about condoms when you're having virtual sex with your virtual girlfriend!
by RachBU January 24, 2008
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A girl for hire who for pay will pretend to "date you" often exchanging online sexual favors such as sexy emails, Skype chat, phone sex, text messages, video clips, sexy pics, and/ or webcam chat in exchange for financial reward or wishlist items.

Slightly different from a plain ole cam girl, or phone sex operator because you hire her for an extended period of time ie: 1 week.

Typical customers are usually males, and "purchases" are made for a variety of reasons, such as wanting someone to cheer them up if they are feeling lonely, wanting to make an ex jealous, make them look popular, or even because they want to hide their true sexuality, or make it look like they are attached to friends or family.
Example : "I just paid this hot chick to pretend to be my virtual girlfriend for a week on Facebook to make my ex jealous."

See http;// or for more precise examples.
by bumme unplugged March 16, 2014
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