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1. One who specializes in the seduction of "innocent" or "pure" girls who happen to be virgins or close to virgin status.

2. A doctor or specialist who specializes in repairs towards a second virginity through surgery for a woman who has had sex and had her hymen broken.
1. Damn, I has sex with another hot virgin last night and popped her cherry. You may bow down and call me the 'Virgin Surgeon'.

2. Jim wanted his wife to be tight again, so he sent her to the virgin surgeon.
by Shifty Eyed Goat June 14, 2004
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A lad who has sex with a girl when he knows she's a virgin and then dumps her after and then goes and finds another virgin like in the movie "Kids".
"I love virgins they always smell like butterscotch." - quote from "Kids".
by Nicola July 04, 2004
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Any guy that specifically targets the legally ambiguous Virgin, do to some please he finds in pull a Cherry Poptart.
1. I saw Mike with that young looking blond we saw last night. That dude is such a Virgin Surgeon.

2. Mike pulled a Portugese Sausage Fiesta while doing a Cherry Poptart after she gave him a Rusty Trumbone, what a Virgin Surgeon!
by Heydecker March 18, 2008
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