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Virgil Sanders is Thomas Sanders' anxiety. He is known by many names (the best being Supreme Dark Overlord of Negative Commerce). He is emo, and enjoys My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Panic! at the Disco, and so on. He was originally a 'Dark Side' until his redemption arc, 'Accepting Anxiety'. Then he finally feels like part if the famILY, as Patton puts it. He is known by Creepy Cookie, Emo Nightmare, Supreme Dark Overlord of Negative Commerce, Charlie Frown, J. Delightful, and so on. When Deceit pretends to be Patton, Logan and himself are the first to figure it out. And Virgil and Deceit are glaring at each other like crazy, so they have some history. He can be paid to say puns, (I know this because Patton has paid him to before). Sometimes is self-deprovating, but Patton threats to physically fight him when he does.
Hippie Friend: why are you so Emo?

Emo friend: because Virgil Sanders changed my life.
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by Just a Nerdy Emo June 05, 2018
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A character made by the youtuber Thomas Sanders and his companions Joan and Talyn. Virgil is meant to represent Thomas' anxiety, and dark thoughts. Virgil is known to be "the emo one" as his appearance is known to be dark and mysterious, and he wears outfits that compliment the color black. Although Virgil represents anxiety, which most people would want to get rid of, he is slowly excepted by the other three (and Thomas) for being who he is, after his redemption arc. (Titled as "Excepting Anxiety Parts 1 and 2 on Thomas Sanders' youtube channel) He is part of a group known as "The Sanders Sides"
person 1: Hey! Who's your favorite Sanders Side?
person 2: IDK man, I really like Virgil Sanders. He's one of the most relatable ones tbh.
person 1: Oh, I'm more of a Logan person myself, but i respect your opinion..
by BunnyCutie17 June 04, 2018
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One of the 4 sides of Thomas sanders. Virgil represents anxiety
In my opinion Virgil sanders is the scariest and hottest side of Thomas sanders even though they are all the same person.
by THOMAS SANDERS FAN November 24, 2018
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