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A viquid is a viscous liquid (otherwise known as a "thick" fluid). They have a higher viscosity than water. Viquids have a higher resistance to stress. Viquids (viscous liquids) have a thicker and slower flow. A soquid is not the same as a viquid (although some soquids are viquids) It's a combination of the words viscous and liquid.
Examples of viquids are motor oil, magma (not lava), syrup, honey, molten glass, mercury, tar, pitch, molasses, glycerol, ect. Science is fun! It IS fun you airhead!
by Neon10 April 16, 2011
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Also known as "e-juice", or "e-liquid", the word is a portmanteau of the words "vape" (or "vaporizing") and "liquid" (vape + liquid = viquid).
Just tried that new viquid from insert name of viquid manufacturer, and I must say, it is DEEEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS!! CLOUDS FOR DAYS!!
by cloud4xL June 28, 2016
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