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Vicktors are known for being some of the most energetic and comedic fuzz balls. They often have moodswings, mental breakdown, sex drives, and plenty of weird shit. Make them mad and he'll send you to Hell. Flirt with them and they'll make you feel like you're at heaven. That's how they work. They're often weaboos and gay men.
Honestly, Vicktor is a homosexual emo anime kid.
by UnwrittenWriter January 17, 2018
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Vicktors tend to be some of the oddest men ever. They either are weaboos, sluts, fuzzballs, evil, or even imaginary.
If you confront them, give them candy. They'll accept your kind gift and they'll allow you to adopt them!
One thing that you should know about Vicktors is that they all seem to be emo anime weaboo gays.
Wow, Vicktor sure is gay and mean. I like him
by UnwrittenWriter January 18, 2018
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