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The voice actor who is known for going:

He also was the voice actor for Ed Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist, but, as said above, he's known for being kind of a douche about Fay D. Flourite of Tsubasa
"No, Vic Mignogna, we're pretty sure he doesn't."
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The voice actor who has become a favorite of many for having roles in Full Metal Alchemist as Edward Elric, Full Metal Panic as Kurz Weber and Fai in Tsubasa Chronicles he has done over 80 shows and is a wonderful personality, very sweet relgious man.
"Are you going to the con?"
"Oh My God Vic Mignogna is doing a panel of course I'm going!"
by Krista Yob September 07, 2007
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A Vic Mignogna is an anal dildo invented by the Dutch in late 2009. The Dutch scientist have worked several years into the Vic Mignogna's development. The Vic Mignogna has several features such as, rotation, jabbing motion, and it has an optional rough bumps feature, with just a flip of a switch the Vic Mignogna sprouts hard rough bumps for full anal pleasure. The product was first solicitated to France, and many of the "frenchies" liked it. The Vic Mignogna then was sold world wide, many wierd girls and gay guys enjoyed the Vic Mignogna dildo. The Vic Mignogna is so powerful it can cause anal bleeding and in some cases, if you rip it out to fast, it may rip some of your colon out aswell. The most praised feature on the Vic Mignogna is that you can fill it with a fake semen substance known as "Dan Green" that adds an extra jolt into your abnormal sex life.
Dan Green used the Vic Mignogna on Vic Mignogna and utilized the "Dan Green Feature", then Vic Mignogna used the Vic Mignogna on Dan Green and also utilized the "Dan Green Feature" Vic Mignogna claims to like the Vic Mignogna and Dan Green claims to like the "Dan Green Feature"
by J.Bendorf February 28, 2010
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VIc Mignogna is the greatest voice actor and singer in the world!! People say that he is an ass hole or a douche....but naturally i cannot blame vic for getting annoyed at thier stupid questions!!!!
Vic Mignogna did over 100 shows and 5 cds
by alokisd February 14, 2010
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