Legalese term describing someone considered an asshole by a federal court.
Paul was declared a vexatious litigant after charging intrest on the defendant during his lawsuit.
by Smitry February 9, 2017
Product of a society that messures it's success with economic growth thus encouraging hopeless ambulance chasing lawyers to find equally sad losers to sue for minor grievances, thus bloating the public sector, legal sector and insurance sector beyond functional use.
Potential vexatious litigant, Anne Mayers, who fell off a garage roof after a night's partying is suing her landlords over her injuries. The 29 year old says they should have warned her not to dance on the roof after drinking.
by Tim Dim Jim March 27, 2007
The most exclusive and prestigious clan in standoff 2. If you are in, its very likely that u have the 1% that the other 99% of people dont have. Its as hard as predicting the next eclipse to be accepted into the clan.
Youre a vexatian ? Wow you must be really good and talented. Vexatious Standoff 2 is quite hard to be a part of. Its not only about skills. Vexatious clan
by toxic2383 February 19, 2021