a big boned princess usually found drinking beer in a not so flattering red dress.
See that vesta at that keg, she sure looks like she needs to go on a diet.
by Joe Unity June 24, 2003
Anima vesta is a word in latin.
Its means ''your soul'' , ''evil in my heart/soul''.
You can hear the word anima vesta in a song like 'xxxtentacion - I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine'
by jerrytheberry July 15, 2018
*xxxtentacion to playboi carti* anima vesta *play boi carti* what the fuck that mean
by Tydafye July 13, 2017
A Greek Goddes's getaway.
Getaway, Greek Goddes, Vesta, Vesta Xperia.
by GetHergreek123 January 24, 2012
A girl who loses count of her body count, so she claims it's only 4.
"Vesta gets passed around like a blunt, bro"
by xoxo.lol_69 October 26, 2020
Something that seemingly takes an eternity or is extremely boring.

Can be an adjective as used to describe an event, or a noun, meaning an event of extreme boredom or length.

Based off of the Greek Goddess Vesta, who sat in front of a fire all day taking care of the fire, for eternity.
When I realized I had to pick up all of the walnuts in the back yard, I knew it would be a vestas.

"Dude, that video was totally a vestas."
by QuadWhore May 12, 2010