Vesper is an amazing person who is full of love and life and talent. They are a ray of sunshine in a dark crazy world and should never forget that! Vesper is very intelligent but very humble and are great role models. Anyone named vesper is beautiful beyond their knowledge and when told that will probably deny it. It’s very easy to platonically and romantically fall in love with them. Vespers are some of my favorite people.
wow vesper is so amazing! i love them so much
by gretaiceberg May 4, 2021
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Vesper is a super sweet person who tried their hardest to be the best he can be. Typically Vesper would be the emo kid with a huge anime obsession that would wear cosplays to school. They are quiet and they are probably a switch. Vesper probably picked their own name so they might be non-binary or trans or just wanted something better for themselves. Vesper hates to loose and will rage when they do. Vesper has a hard time opening up to people and is very distant until they really open up to the person.
Hey you know that kid Vesper? The one who is always blasting heavy metal in their ear buds and wearing strange outfits? He looked at me today.
by AlexxAckermann June 19, 2021
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A sensitive, kind, silly, smart, and awesome girl. She always has your back, and is a great friend. She is a friendly fox, and loves stjffed animals and the color pink. You'll be lucky to have a Vesper as your friend, so don't let her down.
Isn't Vesper fire?
Yeah, and she's my best friend, so don't hurt her!
by Vesper's Best Friend January 30, 2017
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Some godlike entity that packs on . He's really good and never really loser lmfao idk how it works but it works. An aura surrounding him. This god like pressure... it's so strong
by v3sper March 11, 2022
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3 Parts Vodka
1 Part Gin
1/4 oz. Lillet Blond

Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass.
Garnish with an orange peel.
by Vesperfire November 20, 2006
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a sensitive, sweet, smart, and awesome boy. he always has ur back and is a great friend. he is a friendly person and loves stuffed animals and the color pink. youll be lucky to have him as a friend, so dont let him down.
person 1: that sweet boy just helped me up in the hallway, whats his name?

person 2: thats no surprise because its vesper! hes sweet to everyone.
by ChipoChopo April 26, 2021
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A cold, distant girl who seems to hate anyone around here. Once she has opened up she can be caring and fun. Very beautiful and smart, but protective if someone messes with her family. All in all and wonderful person to have as a friend and worst person to have as an enemy.
"Vesper is going to murder you!"
"She seems like she's having fun with Vesper."
by Jaylyn.Pascel June 14, 2017
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