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Shes the badass icy bitch, the "eronica" in Beronica. Rich af!!! ($$$$$)
Someone: *breathe*
Ronnie: My dad, Hiram Lodge, paid you to do that right???
Veronica Lodge is daddddy!
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by thecwriverdaleofficial August 14, 2018
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veronica lodge was in the archie comics along with betty and the gang. she was the rich one that had a lot of money ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) and dark hair. although she hung out with mostly middle-class people, veronica lodge was a very high-class woman. she was the condoleeza rice of comics. She was sometimes called Ronnie or Ron!
"Ron, where do you get those crazy ideas?"
-Archie in comic 23 panel 17
by Veronica (ironic, huh?) June 05, 2005
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She is in the core 4 of the CW tv show Riverdale
Dating Archibald Andrews
Rich af ($$$$$$$$$)
Father: Hiram Lodge (former drug dealer, invests in property’s, now in prison)
Mother: Hermione Lodge (Mayor of Riverdale, now in prison)
Person 1: Who’s your favourite character in Riverdale
Person 2: Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge
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by bugheadforlife June 11, 2019
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Veronica is the spoilt rich one from riverdale. She is dating archie andrews but he’s in prison so who cares :)
Veronica Lodge would usually say something like “daddy please help
by Lizzie :) October 23, 2018
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