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Archie Andrews is a term to use for a boy that has kissed or been with A lot of girls one after the other.

Riverdale (The CW TV show)
Archie is seen kissing a lot of the cast the teacher, Veronica, Cheryl, A pussy cat girl.

It can also be used when a boy is going out with everyone but with the right girls.

If you are talking nicely (non-shady)(which I think is impossible for people of this century) you can use it to describe a nice boy. Very hot too.

It can be abriviated as A.A.
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The main character for Archie Comics and is a series regular in the CW's Riverdale hit TV show. Andrews is known as a fuckboi and has kissed 4 different girls in a single season. Played by KJ Apa, one of the participants of the Daddy Wars.
I think Archie Andrews is smashing our math teacher next door.
by riverdalehottie October 22, 2017
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