Vernard is one of the sweetest guys you could meet. He’s beyond compassionate and caring. He puts everything he has into his work and passions, making him bound to be successful. Sometimes he forgets how great he is, but he always bounces back. He also doesn’t realize how handsome he is. His eyes are the sweetest and his smile is the brightest, but he has a hard time seeing that. He’s somebody you want by your side always, and you’d be lucky to have him. He also answers to the name “VARENARDT” (must say aggressively though).
Me: Good morning

Vernard: Hi :)
Me: Awww :)
by baAabeyyy April 2, 2019
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A horrible , hurt , narcissist.

Needs to find himself and recenter .

Usually a womanizer because he is just hiding his pain by being sexually active with many women looking to feel a void.
Needs to give more loved because he secretly feels unloved . He doesn’t know himself and is not trying to find himself he only seeks to have power or control because he feels powerless. He should find his power in positivity and doing better to others than what he feels like what has been done to him .

Usually has an overbearing narcissistic mom that he can’t seem to see her wrong . When he breaks free from the devices of his past demons and bad influences from so called friends , he will be a great person.

Ver•nard / will not get over himself . He is so immature . Everyone sees right through the masks he wears everyday. They know he is a liar and an opportunist.

He is difficult and chooses to do the opposite of anything that is suggested. He doesn’t make a good mate . Run far away !!
Vernard is a lost person , only he can remove his anger and negative people and find himself . Until he finds himself he is dangerous to everyone he encounters .
by Webster Name Science September 26, 2018
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The space of epidermis constituting the area betwixt the anal opening and the scrotum of a male, although a female also has a significantly smaller area of equal definition(substituting vaginal crevice instead of scrotum, of course).
Nothin' worse than an itchy vernard
by Grundelian April 4, 2008
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