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Verevolves is an alternate spelling of the word Werewolves which is (in myth or fiction) a werewolf or occasionally lycanthrope is a human with the ability to shape-shift into a wolf, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction and especially on the night of a full moon.

Verevolves is also an American/Pakistani rock band consisting of brothers Haider Ali (Singer-songwriter/Rhythm Guitarist), and Hasnain Ali (Backing Vocals/Lead Guitarist). They have been on tour to Los Angeles on select Warped Tour dates, and have performed a medley of different bands that play on the famed annual rock festival.

They developed serious interest in music after listening to the King of Pop Michael Jackson at a very young age, and still to this day, they're influenced by the great "ONE." Haider has always idolized Michaels' singing capabilities, meanwhile Hasnain focused more on honing his guitar skills, and both of them follow the likes of Eddie Van Halen, James Hetfield, and Slash.

After 9 long years of blood, sweat and tears put into immense practice, they finally decided to start a band, and named it "Verevolves" because they believe it represents being or going beyond the range of any limits.

As musicians their goal is to express honest art, and bring back what once was considered good music.
Although Jacob and his friends appeared to be a normal teenagers during the day?! They morph into a howling Verevolves once the sun goes down.

The Verevolves showed their pointy teeth and sharp canine claws right before changing back into their human form.

Girl 1: Whoa. I just listened to the best band ever.

Girl 2: Who?

Girl 1: Verevolves!
by mythicalriff March 21, 2019
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