Where Hip-Hop meets Country (105.9)
Pavement meets dirt.
The 101 runs into the Sea.
And Cash meets Marley.

White trash gets with white collared with brown rainbow colors in between.

Founded in black gold like eastern Kentucky.
We’re gonna be line dancin to eminem up the coast in Ventucky.

In Ventucky, we like to get our blue jeans at the Wharf, for loading hay in the back of the G class.
by Stimbler August 17, 2018
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The district of the city of Ventura California defined as being the home of the white trash that have been displaced from Oxnard.

Defined as being the closest section of the city to Oxnard, bounded by Victoria on the west, Telephone on the north, the 101 freeway on the south and the Santa Clara river on the east. Saticoy is part of the area.

The correct definition of Oxnard (named after H. Oxnard who was the partner to Gianini of Bank of America fame before Gianini move ed to San Francisco and founded the Bank of Italy, ne Bank of America) is a piece of the armpit of California called Bakersfield that broke off and became Bakersfield by the Sea.

Previous definers mixed their definitions.

Politics in Ventura are dominated by the NIMBY's, NOPE's, and DRAWBRIDGERS who refer to the residents of east Ventura that scream but don't whine like the Drawbridgers as "Ventuckyans" .
That's a hiked up 4WD pickup that's never been off the city streets so it must be owned by a Ventuckey resident.

That fat girl with 3 welfare kids is SO ventucky
by Caltrop Consultant March 28, 2010
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Also known as Ventura, California. Ventura is located along the coast between Santa Barbara and Malibu and can best be described as being in the armpit between the two. Full of white trash and near-white trash who think they are classy because they live in an area with high housing costs.

Also known as "bakersfield by the sea". Populated by bro truck driving maroons.
I ran into a guy from Ventucky. He told me he's going to buy a new boat to replace the old boat that sat rusting in his yard and never saw the water.
by Timothy Huff August 17, 2007
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ventucky phucktard
by da venturd February 11, 2016
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