High quality crystal meth. Named for the user's high level of paranoia, leading to him/her peeking out of the curtains in fear of police, his/her family, imaginary friends/foes or the Illuminati coming to get them and haul them off to jail, rehab, hell, Guantanamo bay, or evict them from where they are squatting. See also: Meth Crystal meth Tina PNP Tweaker People of Wal-mart
Tweaker #1 "Man, I am so fuckin' HIGH, Bro. I can't stop sweating. I'm gonna take apart these two perfectly good toasters, and make one shitty toaster that hardly works."

Tweaker #3 "Ohhhhh kayyyy... Sounds like fun. Hey, where's tweaker #2? Is he scoping for the cops with his night vision goggles and police scanner again? He needs to lay off that Venetian Blind Bender..."
by PhillipHarass January 03, 2018
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