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An attractive word to describe a man who is short and/or stocky.
Sally: Tom Cruise, Gael Garcia Bernal, Ricky Ullman, Omarion, Jet Li, Elijah Wood, Alfonso Ribiero, Marc Anthony, Jack Black, and Masi Oka are all sexy, vemp men!

Susie: Jack Black and Masi Oka are NOT sexy!

Sally: Not everyone can be as svelte as Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper!
by LET_ME_LOVE_YOU August 09, 2009
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Someone who is fairly muscular, usually of average height. Vemp can be used in place of a less glamorous word, like stocky, the same way svelte can be used for skinny.
A: Justin's pretty cute.
B: Really? I think he's kind of vemp...
A: Well, excuse me for not finding twiggy guys attractive.
by i like eggs with my pie August 05, 2009
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