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The Velcro Ninja is a character that exemplifies parody type characters by being a humorous take on the normal ninja sterotype. Instead of being stealthy and secretive, he/she has all their weapons attached to their person via velcro. So, when they sneak up on someone and remove their sword for the attack, you hear a very loud, very long version of two pieces of velcro pulling apart.
Man, the characters in "Scary Movie" were all velcro ninjas!
by The Velcro Ninja September 26, 2009
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another word for "nigger" typically used by white people around black people so that black people do no get offended because blacks do not know what it means. (real ninjas are typically dressed all black as to see only their eyes; the "velcro" in velcro ninja denotes the type of hair they possess) Can be used as a racial slur, but usually used to show ethnic awareness within a group setting.
White man (to white friend) at a club: Let's leave. All these woman seem to favor the velcro ninja population.
White man #2: You're right, let's scram before a drunken "Reggin" pulls a gun.
by M.R June 13, 2006
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