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A super cool dude that is good at sports like baseball,football,soccer,basketball and evryting.SUUUPER guy.the best at videeo games
Bully: You bad Velan
Velan Beat him in game
by Bro-Fist123 April 27, 2019
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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A Very Rich Nigg who is spoilt with money and keeps capability’s of captaincy and leadership
He seems like a Velan
by Qwerfy November 01, 2018
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The best person in the world. Velan is the best at everything. He can beat you in any sport. He can beat anyone in a rap battle. He can beat you in a fight. He can pull any girl in the world. Velan is the hottest person alive. The amount of girls he gets is incredible. And not just any girl. He pulls the finest and sexiest girls in his school or city. The bad thing about Velan is you can't stop looking at him. If you see him, you will recognize him. He is so hot that I can't take my eyes off him. Usually Velan plays many sports. His dick is so massive that it reaches a girl's belly button when he has sex. Speaking of sex, Velan is so passionate when he bangs girls. Everything Velan does is just so perfect.
Addison Rae: Hey did you see that cute guy over there? What's his name?
Sommer Ray: Oh that's Velan. He's so sexy
Addison: I need to ask him out
Sommer: Not if I ask first
*both run to Velan*
by November 02, 2020
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A thick Indian with tits bigger than most girls
That turtle looks like a velan
by Velan October 30, 2017
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