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A super cool dude that is good at sports like baseball,football,soccer,basketball and evryting.SUUUPER COOOOOL.best guy.the best at videeo games
Bully: You bad Velan
Velan Beat him in game
by Bro-Fist123 April 27, 2019

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When you have two or more of the stones Thanos had so you show off and everyone thinks you’re cool but actually Thanos is your dad and he gave them to you. While you flex on people, Daddy Thanos pushes you off a cliff.
You: Look at my roxs
Everyone else: WOW you’re a legend
You: I know right
Thanos: Get that out of here
And he pushes you off the cliff
by Bro-Fist123 April 27, 2019

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When you go to an aquarium and some annoying kid that is like 3 years old thinks he’s cool so he pushes you away when you’re looking at the sharks and he says “it’s a sark”.
You: What a good day. Why not go to the aquarium.
When you look at the sharks:
Kid: haha *push* Look its a sark

You: Ugh, why did i come
by Bro-Fist123 April 27, 2019

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An amazone is a place that amazon can not ship to. The amazone has triggered many people.
Person: I will buy this
Amazon Alexa: Your location is an amazone.
Person: UGH!!!
by Bro-Fist123 May 08, 2019

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