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One who chooses to degrade the choices and actions of those who sever their dependency on products that cause pain and suffering.

The basis of the ridicule is usually stemming from:

1. Misinformation obtained through media and out-dated cultural traditions.

2. Just plain ignorance of the practices involved in bringing such products to the shelves.

3. Difficulty to comprehend the idea of rejecting what one was brought up to believe.
Vegan Hater: " Vegan? Really? Why?"

Vegan: " Because I can live perfectly well without anything having to die for me"

Vegan Hater: "But burgers and wings and bacon and stuff tastes good"

Vegan: "I don't eat anything that doesn't taste good"

Vegan Hater: "And what the hell is wrong with milk? Don't you need calcium?"

Vegan: "well, milk does have calcium but the proteins in milk create higher acidity in the body, so to neutralize it,the body sucks calcium from the bones. It just cancels itself out."

Vegan Hater: "But don't you need that protein, too?"

Vegan: " There's plenty of protein and calcium in beans and greens."

Vegan Hater: Animals kill other animals all the time. So, who cares if we do the same?"

Vegan: "I do"
by trick of light December 25, 2009
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