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Is a Vegan on a mission

A Vegan is a person who has chosen a diet free of animal products.

The Vegan, after realizing the potential of a stomach that no longer is host to festering and rotting animal flesh and has freed oneself of pig fat, a Vegan is fore-ever changed.

The Vegan goes on a mission to change the world. However instead of killing and destroying mankind, a Veganator hosts Vegan parties, and puts down roots in country-side hippy fairs and exhibitions.

The Vegans meet on the Planet Vegan, where they show little emotion and have pointy ears.
Dan: Did you see Jan at the Hoolo-Hip Fest selling couscous dishes ?

Steve: Yeah, what a veeganator, she's the Arnold Swartzenaggar of the Hippie world
by Byron Whiteson III August 29, 2009
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