A sex practive where a person with a penis dips their balls into hummus and then teabags their vegan partner.
The hummus can also be substituted for guacamole.
mom: where did all my hummus go?
me: I did the vegan on Karen last night.
by 23angryKarens January 4, 2020
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The breathtakingly beautiful act of preforming anal in a decalcified browneye. As vegans do not consume meat, dairy, or eggs their colons move much faster and have no backlogs; providing a much more pleasant experience.
by Mr. Mistaken October 27, 2015
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(v) To veganize is to modify something non-vegan to vegan with vegans awesomess.
by MariaV January 14, 2008
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People who refrain from eating any animal products (or anything derived from animal products) or using animal products such as leather, silk, or wool. It is a more strict form of vegetarianism. People who are vegan are often passionate about their veganism.
The American Dietetic Association continues to assert that a vegan diet is a healthy diet.
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
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Someone who slaughters and kills fruits, and vegetables.
by Alfonzo February 11, 2004
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clothing, food (& food growing practices) that are both vegan and organic.
dude 1: "You'd think that humanity would figure out that meat, dairy and pesticides are bad for their health and the environment by now, but most are too brainwashed by propaganda to see the clear solution of going veganic."

dude 2: "You're just a tree-hugger hippie... its natural for humans to kill animals for food, and we are supposed to have dominion over the Earth"

dude 1: "I hope some cosmic wave evolves your brain in 2012."
by veganic January 3, 2009
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Veganism is the ideas and underlying principles and beliefs as to why a person inevitably adopts a vegan diet. 'Vegan' only defines the type of diet.

Veganism has a commonality in principles, but is not exclusive, nor limited to the following;

Ethical - enabling animals to have rights to prevent torture, rape and murder of all sentient beings.

Environmental Sustainability - The impact animal production has on world. Ref. United Nations Report '07: Livestock’s long shadow.

Health - Global Famine, The shortening of life spans, and obesity ~ mainly heart related illnesses. Animal born Diseases, Athleticism.

People adopt some, the whole or no beliefs, yet are still vegans. The main point is that whatever path we have taken; it was a strong enough conviction to adopt a vegan lifestyle.
Q: How could you be a vegan, yet not believe in veganism?
A: Simple, by adopting the diet, yet rejecting the principles.
by Joshua Langley May 2, 2007
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