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VaporBong is a Marijuana pipe that really cools the smoke. John's neighbor Mary is going through chemotherapy for lung cancer and suffers serious nausea. John was going to stop inviting Mary to his house because she would throw up on his carpet. Mary learned that smoking Marijuana can alleviate nausea so she asked her doctor what is the best pipe to smoke for her? Her doctor told her she needed a pipe that cools the smoke so she can inhale it. The doctor said she needed to buy The VaporBong that cools the smoke to comfortable levels to inhale. This VaporBong uses no water to cool the hot gas to safe levels. A marijuana bong that cools the smoke to lung temperature is a Vapor Bong.
John loves Mary to visit his new home now because since she started smoking weed with the VaporBong, she does not throw up on his new carpet.
by Dave Ideas May 16, 2019
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