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Origin: Southeastern Pa
Defintion: A person that commonly partakes in the hobby of using a vaporizer, but taking it to extreme measurements of obnoxious banter on the subject. Commonly exhaling large plumes of mango chutney (with a mint twist) air into confined, crowded areas.
You see that guy over there crowding that chick about his new vaporizer? He doesn't even know her. Seems like a vapist to me.
by chrizzlefer December 17, 2014
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(1) A person who chronically smokes vapor-based, electronic cigarettes indoors, or in the presence of others (non-smokers), especially at work. (2) A person who blows the vapor or "smoke" of vapor-based electronic cigarettes in the face of, or in the vicinity of another person (non-smoker).
Scott is such a vapist, he is constantly stealing drags of his e-cigarette while on the clock and blowing it in my face!
by Ryanius December 15, 2014
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That one friend you have who will talk about nothing but vaping and will force a conversation about it on you.
You: Did you see the game last night?
Friend: Did you see my new vape pen?
You: you're such a vapist!
Shut up y
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n) Someone who enjoys vaping and blowing fat clouds in the faces (or within close proximity) of those who do not/ are not partake(ing) in the act of vaping; someone who forces those around him/her to know he/she is vaping by blowing large clouds of vapor within a confined space. The surrounding person(s) are forced to inhale the vapor without their consent.

Synonyms: vape douche; cloud blowing jerk off; vape hipster
Joe thinks it's cool to entrap people in tight spaces with little to no ventilation as he billows out huge clouds of vapor in everyone's faces. This is not cool at all and classifies Joe as a vapist.
by Mssoftball35 May 07, 2016
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Someone who Vapes in your face or annoyingly in your presence.
Bruh that vapist over there keeps blowing his essence all up in our business over here.
by Oilfieldlex July 15, 2018
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When I went to the vape stand I saw a lot of vapists.
by DomoTrimbleMLG May 29, 2017
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A Vapist is a vapfag that has made it to the next level.
Don't go over there man.. that guy is a known vapist
by LinkMAK March 10, 2016
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