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Vanity kids are a less known spin off of Emo and or Scene kids. Although they will deny their stereotype to the bone never confuse them with being emo and especially not scene, they hate it to a tease. Vanity kids have an unusually high level of narcissism riding on their shoulder, wherever they go drama is inevitable. The style of dress they sport is extremely close to that of Emo kids; consisting usually of unflattering amounts of black. Their wardrobe is made up of band t’s, jeans, and sweatshirts, none of witch fit them just right. Vanity kids prefer to drown in their sweatshirts and squeeze into their jeans. Plaid also runs high in their range of clothing, especially pleated skirts. You I’ll never see a vanity kid caught dead with out a pair of beat up vans or creatively colored chuck taylors. Never are their shoes clean, the more scuffed up the better. Vanity kids are all about unusual pieces of jewelry such as, zipper earings. They often wear things that draw attention such as safety pins through their holes or brightly colored neon jewelry. With out some form of piercing a Vanity Kid is incomplete the most common type is a lip ring, more so snakebites. When it comes to their hair, they don’t take pride in anything more. Natural hair color doesn’t exist in the mind of a Vanity kid, they constantly die their hair curious colors like purple or blue, and they change it nearly every few weeks. Side bangs are required but unlike their Emo/Scene look a likes they prefer not to go overboard with their layers. Make up consists merely of thick black eyeliner, light eye shadow, and an unusual mascara color. {such as purple or green} Vanity kids often find music that is unfamiliar to the rest of the world such as Panic! At The Disco, The Hush Sound, And Fall Out Boy, Cute Is What We Aim For, although it was only unknown WHEN they found it. It almost always becomes well known and sells out with in the time kiss fm gets their hands on it. Myspace equals the core reason for a Vanity Kids existence, they will spend hours making it perfect; usually adding things in electric green, blue, pink, and black. {Vanity Kid Colors Of Choice} Vanity kids have unhealthy obsessions with photography and poetry; none of witch is positive. While Vanity Kids try not to fixate on death, it seems to be one of the only concepts floating through their minds. Rarely do they express it through self mutation. Vanity Kids don’t do serious relationships they’d rather undergo drunken hookups with no strings attached. While being conceited they also come off as risqué and if one ever looks you in the eye their intensity will be forever burned in your retinas. Vanity kids often use words suck as stellar or dank. They also thoroughly abuse any phrase containing, scream, hearts, wow, or cunt. Unlike emo or scene kids vanity kids prefer not to travel in packs, but alone or in twos or threes. This is why they are so unknown and usually mistaken for emo or scene kids. You will never see a Vanity kid playing a Nintendo WII, and hardly EVER any new age system; it’s all about the Nintendo N.E.S. While television seems absent from their list of activities most vanity kids get attached to a show at a time. The language of a Vanity Kid derives from the skillful art of sarcasm and negativity. So next time you see an ‘emo’ or ‘scene’ kid take a good hard look because you very well may be looking into the eyes of a Vanity Kid.
There isn't exactly an easy way to exemplify vanity kids. hmm
by MordyJaz February 21, 2007
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